Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace
Theemuge is the site of the former presidential palace of Maldives. Upgraded to presidential standards in 1992 by then-president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, Theemuge served as the presidential palace until 2008, when Gayyoom was overthrown in the country's first democratic election.
Mohamed Nasheed, the newly elected president deemed Theemuge of too high maintenance and re-declared Muliaage, the old presidential palace as the new Official Residence of the Maldives. Today, Theemuge houses the Supreme Court of Maldives.

The Presidential Palace is somewhat further from most of the other sights of interest mentioned here, but on an island the size of Male', this only means a few minutes more walking. The Presidential Palace has been built on the site of the previous presidential palace, was completed only recently and shows very eclectic architectural style. The Palace is actually the official residence of the President, the practice in Maldives different from many countries, where the residence of the president is also the offices of the president. Built in an eclectic style, the Presidential Palace is the venue where the President occasionally hosts receptions on very special occasions, and also where anyone can greet him at particular times on the occasions of the Islamic Eid, of which more will be said later.
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