Maldives's Guide

The Maldives are a collection of coral islands situated south west of India. Around 1190 coral islands make up the beautiful Maldives, and it is a very popular place for honeymooners and holiday goers, as it is a relaxing and stunningly beautiful set of islands. Plenty of sunshine can be enjoyed and the tropical weather is a real pleasure to experience. Diving and snorkelling are pastimes that command a great deal of popularity in the Maldives, and the countless resorts will provide the ultimate in comfort for those visiting the islands, with a holiday spent here sure to provide wonderful memories long after you leave the Maldives.

Did you know that all the resorts in the Maldives are on their own island? You can even find ones with villas on stilts directly over the water! Need some relaxing, tranquil time? The Maldives are where life slows down long enough for you to see it. The heavenly white sands and eye-popping hues of aqua and deep blue waters are unparalleled for their peacefulness and beauty. It is wonderful for children because there are so many shallow lagoons, and they will delight at all the colorful fish! Your primary activity in the Maldives will be water sports and diving and relaxing.
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